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Speedleague is an international motorsports league created by Red Bull’s Global Rallycross Championship creator Brian Gale. Building on the League’s role as a sports organizer for X-Games motorsports and partnered with ESPN, Jackpot Rising took on the challenge of developing a mobile racing video game to help promote and run tournaments alongside each real world race, which would be held at locations such as The Bahamas, St. Petersburg, Dubai, and more. I designed the UX, implemented the UI, and provided minor contributions to the game development. The game was originally started in Unity, but later ported to the Unreal engine.

The in-game overlay UI The in-game overlay UI
Main Menu Main Menu
Track Selection Track Selection
Vehical selection and customization Vehical selection and customization
An tntro cinematic for the Tucson map An tntro cinematic for the Tucson map
Pause Menu Pause Menu
Race Results Race Results
Loading Screen Loading Screen
Game Settings Game Settings
GitHub Source