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I am the creator and core maintainer for Skeleton - an open source UI toolkit for web-based frameworks such as Svelte and React.

The library provides an array of atomic CSS elements, feature-rich components, and flexible utility features. Pairing Tailwind’s utility classes with dedicated component packages, Skeleton can created customized, responsive, and reactive interfaces for any web-based project.

Skeleton has been very well received, with over 80k+ downloads a month, 4k+ stars on GitHub, over 100+ contributors, and 3k+ members on the community Discord. We expect to see a much larger amount of growth in the near future with the addition of React support in version 3.0.

To help promote Skeleton, I’ve made appearances at Svelte Summit 2023, Svelte Sirens, the Logrocket Podcast, as well as our Skeleton v1 Launch Livestream. Skeleton has been covered by popular content creators, such as Geoff Rich, Huntabyte, and Joy of Code. It has also garnered recognition from Rich Harris, the creator of Svelte and SvelteKit.

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