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Hi, I'm Chris 👋

Welcome to my humble showcase, featuring a few of my most prominent works. I have dedicated the last 20+ years of my life to building a career in professional development, design, and UX. I am primarily self taught in these disciplines, but still take time to research, tinker, and learn more every day.

I discovered my passion for programming and design while attending classes for Visual Basic and Photoshop in high school. I'm also a lifelong fan of video games, which all began when I received my first console as a kid, a classic Nintendo Entertainment System. I still remember the magic of picking up that controller and making Mario run and jump on the screen - though occasionally to his untimely death.

My passion has fueled a lifelong journey, culminating in a career path that includes a broad spectrum of industries, including: photography, corporate media, a digital agency, as well as a number of tech startups - all before landing in my current role as the core maintainer for Skeleton, a web-based UI toolkit. Over the years, I've had the privilage of working alongside some of the most talented and passionate individuals I know, while building platforms for the web, gaming, and open source.

I feel my strength lies not just in writing code or designing interfaces, but in solving real world problems. I pride myself in my ability to listen, learn, and help determine what is really needed for any and all challenges. Providing solutions at every step of the process, from concept to execution. Whether you’re trying to build a web application, engage your audience, or carve a new path in the world. My skills are available to help get you to where you need to be!

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